Games Producer Education

Start your journey as a producer and hone the skills needed to become a valuable employee or a successful entrepreneur

A year of part-time dedication is what you need in order to learn the practical skills for leading small- and mid sized- game development teams. Whether you are an employee or running your own company, now is the time to consider attending Game Hub Denmark’s producer education.

What will I learn, and how?

By attending this course you will learn about the theory needed to manage and finance original intellectual properties. Whether you are an experienced candidate or a fresh graduate, employed in – or owner of – a company, we have put together a specialized course curriculum for individuals with leadership ambitions and entrepreneurial spirit. Build your producer tool-box or expand your knowledge about producing by attending this course

The education is provided through Dania but facilitated and taught through Game Hub Denmark. Here are some of the topics that we will cover:

  • Scrum and project management
  • Pipelines and deadlines
  • Leadership and team culture
  • Creative discussions and resolving conflict 
  • Publisher deals
  • Business development and fundraising
  • Pitching and networking
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One full year but part time

Our education is as practical as possible, so that you do not have to memorize heavy theory. We want our lessons and exercises to be as close to your everyday work situations as possible, so that your effort can be contextualized. Our aim is that your “homework” becomes an extension of the work you were supposed to do either way.

Exam and workload

You will have to pass three exams during the year and our exams will be as close to real situations as possible. You can expect between 10-16 hours per week depending on your efficiency. We teach out of the Game Hub Denmark facilities in Grenaa but we can make individual appointments and discuss availability if you can collect a minimum of five participants at your local venue. If so, we will attend your venue for tutoring and package our workshops so that we do two-three workshops at a time.


ProductionProduct managementLeadership & team cultureBusiness development
Asset management 


Scrum/ Agile 


Work breakdowns
Product strategies 

Minimum Viable products 




Collaborating with a publisher
Exam in production
& product management

Team culture 


Creativ discussions and feedback 


Coaching and facilititating
Exam in Leadership and team cultureMarket analysis 



Publisher models 


Exam in business development

Signup and practical info

Price: The whole course costs 800 DKK (Approximately 118,36 USD or 107,05 EUR)

Start: TBA. Contact Adonis Flokiou at / or call at +45 81 71 70 98 for more info, discussing specific needs or for signing up.